Why investing in business simulator training is a smart move

Mar 15, 2024

The Business Case for Experiential Learning Programs

According to a LinkedIN Workplace Learning report, creating a strong learning culture significantly improves key business outcomes like employee retention and leadership pipelines. However, not all training approaches are equally effective. Traditional presentations often lead to disengagement and poor knowledge retention (see Figure).

Figure credit: LinkedIN Workplace Learning Report

But not all learning programs are created equal. Hands up if you’ve ever zoned out half-way through a presentation…

Sitting and listening to content is simply not the best way to learn. We learn best and are most engaged when we are ‘doing’.

The Power of Business Simulators for Engaged Learning

Business simulators have proven to be a highly engaging training method, fostering improved understanding and knowledge retention. One report of a large-scale simulator implementation found that after the initiative ‘88% of participants reported a much better understanding of their responsibilities and improved decision-making skills, and 90% said their ability to collaborate with other lines of business had also improved’.

Award-Winning Sustainability Business Simulators

This is why at Evolveable Consulting we have brought two award-winning business simulation games from the Netherlands to Australia to support businesses in providing engaging sustainability training to their workforces (see our earlier post for why we need to close the sustainability skills gap).

Blending Theory and Practice for Holistic Skill Development

The simulators are embedded as part of Evolveable’s Sustainability and a Circular Economy Impact Accelerator Programs for Business —groundbreaking learning experiences combining immersion in a business simulator with learning modules, company maturity assessments and 1-to-1 support to help professionals navigate the complexities of aligning environmental, social and economic factors with their overall business objectives.

Enrolments are now open for the first cohorts. Delivered online, these courses are suitable for professionals from a diverse range of professional backgrounds both across Australia as well as overseas.

Maximise you training ROI and accelerate your learning journey

Experiential learning through business simulations empowers professionals to:

  • Develop systems thinking for tackling complexities
  • Practice cross-functional decision-making in a risk-free environment
  • Gain practical insights into sustainable strategy implementation
  • Build future-proof skills for driving business value

Enroll Now for Australia’s Premier Sustainability Courses

Designed for professionals across industries, our online accelerator programs bring world-class sustainability training to workforces Australia-wide and internationally. Enrolments for the first cohorts are now open – visit our course pages to secure your spot.

Visit the Sustainable Business and Circular Business course pages for more details and to enrol.



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