How to Master True ROI and Systems Thinking with Evolveable’s Immersive Business Simulators

Mar 16, 2024

Embracing True ROI and Systems Thinking for Sustainable Growth

While profit has long been the sole measure of business performance, this narrow view is increasingly recognised as shortsighted and unfit for achieving critical climate, environmental and social goals.1,2,3 

Enter True ROI and systems thinking – a way to account for the broader costs and benefits to society and the environment. 

True ROI goes beyond just financial returns to account for broader costs and benefits to society and the environment. Tracking impacts across the triple bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity while using a systems thinking approach is crucial.

Calculating True ROI is not an easy task, and there is no universally accepted standard, but tracking and managing impacts across the pillars of people, planet and prosperity (The Triple Bottom Line) whilst incorporating a systems thinking approach and including impacts both up and down your value-chain is a good way to start.

To help build capabilities in this critical area, Evolveable has launched the Sustainable Business Impact Accelerator program, a core component of which is a business simulation focused on True ROI and systems thinking. 

Experience Risk-Free Strategic Experimentation

The dynamic, risk-free environment lets you:

  • Implement sustainability investments and model their environmental and social effects
  • See how financial returns change when social and environmental costs and benefits get priced in
  • Try out various strategies without real-world consequences and risking company money. Who wouldn’t want to be able to test their skills in a simulated setting before applying them in the real business?

This safe simulation space allows you to learn vital True ROI and systems thinking capabilities through experimentation. You can then take those hard-earned skills back to your organisation and implement sustainable strategies with confidence.

Just like pilots would never jump straight into flying a plane without using simulators first, business leaders can immensely benefit from practicing complex decision-making in a risk-free virtual environment before execution.

From Simulation to Sustainable Strategy Implementation

The Accelerator then helps participants take what they learned in the simulator and translate it into a timebound sustainability strategy for their organisation.  

Unlocking Competitive Advantage Through Holistic Value Creation

Are you ready to develop expertise in holistically evaluating investments through a True ROI lens? The ability to align business success with societal progress will separate the corporate leaders from the laggards. 

Future-Proof Your Organisation – Enrol Now

Are you ready to develop True ROI expertise? Explore our courses and enrol now to stay ahead of the sustainability imperative.





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