Decarbonising Global Battery Supply Chains With Circularity


Industrial Scope 3 supply chain traceability and circularity


Circulor is a climatetech platform that provide value chains with full ESG traceability from material extraction to use. Circulor are supporting clients across battery value chains and major car manufacturers such as Volvo accelerate decarbonisation and circularity journeys. Circulor have won multiple awards including Oracle Change Agents Sustainability Awards, DigitalEurope’s Future Unicorn Award.


Evolveable Consulting performed a strategic review of the Circulor digital platform to improve the Scope 3 emissions quantification methodology, enable and integrate circularity across the value chain and associated emission quantification to support clients in achieving their and identify value add benefits to clients.

Evolveable has now been supporting the Circulor Solutions team for nearly 12 months, providing subject matter expertise in relation to Scope 3 emissions and circular solutions.

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