Evolveable Consulting’s Global Expertise in Quantifying Methane Emissions: A Case Study with the World Bank

Methane Emissions Quantification: A Critical Challenge

In a pivotal collaboration, Evolveable Consulting partnered with Doris Engineering, a leading French engineering firm, to assist the World Bank in quantifying methane emissions across Kazakhstan as part of the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0). This case study highlights Evolveable’s global expertise in emissions quantification and their ability to deliver solutions in challenging environments.

Leveraging Evolveable’s Proven Expertise

The World Bank sought expertise in emissions quantification, and Doris Engineering referred Evolveable Consulting based on their proven track record. Methane emissions are critical in addressing global warming, and the extensive oil and gas infrastructure in Central Asia represents significant emission sources.

Collaborative Approach to Quantification and Mitigation

Evolveable Consulting worked closely with Doris Engineering and the World Bank to quantify emissions, support OGMP 2.0 reporting, and guide methane reduction strategies in Kazakhstan. Their robust technology stack and execution excellence were crucial to the project’s success.

Complementing Satellite-Based Monitoring Solutions

This collaboration complements Evolveable’s previous work supporting a space technology company in developing real-time methane data information flows from satellite to facility-based operations. This enables timely detection and response to exceedances outside expected ranges.

Trusted Partner for Methane Emissions Solutions

If you need support in quantifying and mitigating methane emissions, contact Evolveable Consulting’s team of experts. Their global expertise, combined with a proven technology stack and execution capabilities, positions them as a trusted partner in addressing this critical environmental challenge.

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