Decarbonising Hard To Abate Global Industrial Value Chain Emissions (Scope 3)

Wood Mackenzie

Helping decarbonise hard to abate industrial value chain emissions


Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac), is a global research and consultancy group supplying data, analysis, and consultancy advice to the energy, chemicals, renewables, metals, and mining industries.

WoodMac have over 2,000 customers spanning the natural resources sectors – from oil and gas to chemicals, metals, mining, power and renewables. Their customers range from the largest global businesses to smaller specialists.

Supply chains and associated Scope 3 emissions are complex across these industries.


Evolveable Consulting provided technical Scope 3 emissions quantification advice to the WoodMac Supply chain Intelligence team. This Scope 3 quantification tool is now utilised across the natural resource and energy industries globally through WoodMac’s supply chain division. This Scope 3 tool will support large scale decarbonisation across hard to abate industries.

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