Development Of Global Decarbonisation Strategy Procedures For New Developments

Woodside Energy

Development of global decarbonisation strategy procedures for new developments


Woodside is a top 10 global independent energy company focussed on providing oil, gas and new energy to support the global energy transition. Woodside is publicly listed in the top 10 of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


Woodside merged with BHP in 2022, as a result the now global energy company requires a standardised approach to developing a Climate and Decarbonisation Strategy for all new projects globally.

Evolveable Consulting worked closely with Woodside’s Climate and Project teams to develop decarbonisation procedures and supporting tools for implementation across the full project life cycle from initial project screening through until project commissioning. The procedures provides a framework for decarbonising Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions and includes opportunity and liability assessments.

This procedure provides the required climate and decarbonisation insights to the Executive team and Board at each project gate to support decision-making.

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