Circular Economy & Systems Thinking

Circular Economy

Business Circularity Models for Large Scale Industry

The only way forward into a sustainable future for both ourselves and for our planet is to embrace a Circular Economy – an economy that transforms our systems to eliminate waste and where resources are renewed and repurposed. Not only will this help tackle climate change and improve the health of the general population, but it will also create more local jobs and economic opportunities.


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For society to move from a linear to a circular economy, businesses need to minimise their reliance on raw materials that are in limited supply. Recovery, reuse and repurposing will become critical to future business.

Through the following workshop options, we can help large industrial companies and government agencies with systems mapping to develop their business circulatory models.


1 Hour Intro Workshop

½ Day Workshop

Custom Workshop

During these workshops, Evolveable Consulting can stress test your existing business flows and work with you to assess circular business solutions to de-risk future supply chain constraints for a long-term sustainable future.

Given our industrial experience, we can provide solutions all the way up to large scale energy infrastructure developments, from design through to decommissioning.

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Systems Thinking

The world is not linear, it is complex and dynamic. Problems cannot be solved in isolation, a holistic view is required in order to understand the interconnections and consequences of our decisions.

Our systems thinking framework is about seeing the unobvious risks and impacts of your companies operations and value chain. We understand how things are interconnected and related, this helps to inform decision making so that sustainable solutions can be found.

This is critical today given the exceedance of the planetary limits. It is important that decisions made today do not have unintended consequences for tomorrow.

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