Mastering EPA’s GHG Management Plan Requirements: Your Ultimate Checklist and Guidance

Jul 19, 2023

7 common pain points in addressing EPA’s GHG Management Plan Requirements

Ever since the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authorities (EPA) released their revised Greenhouse Gas Emission Factor Guideline, we’ve been at the forefront, assisting numerous clients in fine-tuning their draft Greenhouse Gas Management Plans.

Through our review process, we’ve identified seven crucial pain point areas where proponents can enhance their Greenhouse Gas Management Plans. These areas are pivotal for achieving success in both the peer review and regulatory submission phases.

Ultimate checklist to ensure a smooth review process

In addition to our guidance on the seven pain points in addressing your Greenhouse Gas Management Plan requirements, we’ve gone the extra mile by creating a user-friendly checklist, adapted from the EPA template. This invaluable tool assists proponents like you in ensuring all requirements are met, paving the way for seamless approvals and eliminating any potential delays.

If you would like to know more

At Evolveable Consulting, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable engineering, delivering tailored solutions to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of greenhouse gas management.

You can learn more about our services or book a consultation directly with us.

You can access our report here.

Mastering Western Australia's EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Management Plan Requirements

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