Addressing the Sustainability Skills Gap

Mar 12, 2024

Evolveable’s Impact Academy: Addressing the sustainability skills gap

Just as the world’s entry into the digital age required that computer science become embedded throughout the workforce, achieving the world’s climate, environment and social goals will require competency in sustainability skills to become the backbone of the global workforce1 

However, we are currently a long way from realising this. A gap in the existing workforce’s skills and a lagging talent pipeline has been highlighted as one of the greatest obstacles to delivering the required level of ambition. 

This was the context and motivator for a recent Microsoft and BCG survey and report investigating closing the sustainability skills gap. 

The report identified core skills professionals need to be trained in to build a workforce that is equipped to act (see image), and also presented calls to action to achieve global upskilling.  

A key call to action was for employers to move quickly to appropriately upskill their workforce through learning initiatives focused on sustainability knowledge and skills. 

Figure Credit: Microsoft, Closing the Sustainability Skills Gap: Helping Businesses Move From Pledges to Progress

Accelerating the ambition to execution gap

Evolveable Consulting has developed the Impact Academy to provide companies with the avenue for doing just that.

The Impact Academy offers various learning pathways, catering for small and medium-sized enterprises to listed companies and directors and focusing on four distinct learning pathways — sustainability, circularity, decarbonisation, and climate change.

These programs have been developed from assisting companies globally with their transitions. We cut the painful learnings out so you can accelerate your sustainability.

The aim of the Impact Academy is to support companies and individuals to gain the skills and confidence to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Sustainability and a Circular Economy Impact Accelerator Program – Sign up now

As part of the Impact Academy, Evolveable have developed a Sustainability and a Circular Economy Impact Accelerator Program for Business.

These are groundbreaking learning experiences combining immersion in a business simulator with learning modules, company maturity assessments and 1-to-1 support to help professionals navigate the complexities of aligning environmental, social and economic factors with their overall business objectives.

Enrolments are now open for the first cohorts.

Delivered online, these courses are suitable for professionals from a diverse range of professional backgrounds both across Australia as well as overseas.

Visit the Sustainable Business and Circular Business course pages for more details and to enrol.



1Microsoft, Closing the Sustainability Skills Gap: Helping Businesses Move From Pledges to Progress, 2022,
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