What we do

Are you looking to transform your business to be an industry leader for today and the future? Circular Economy is the way forward.

Sustainability & Design
Circular Economy & Systems Thinking
Climate Change Risk and Resilience

Now, are you looking to get a better understanding on how exactly Circular Economy can benefit your business financially (a multi-billion-dollar opportunity in Australia) and more?

We provide specialised Circular Economy consulting and workshops designed and tailored for the individual circumstances and needs of companies, leaders and engineering designers to evolve their sustainability beyond more than just carbon emissions.

We empower businesses to develop their Circular Economy goals and support them on their sustainable development journey through tailored and practical strategic consultation and workshops on the following:

Carbon Emissions

Why do we focus on this? Approximately 80% of a company’s carbon emissions are embedded in its value chain.

• Independent peer reviews of Decarbonisation, Energy Transition strategies and Science-Based Targets

• Value Chain Scope 3 Emissions Assessments

• Lifecycle Assessments

Sustainability & Design

Why do we focus on this? Typically 80-90% of a project or product’s environmental impact is decided during the concept design phase.

• Designing for Sustainability (Concept feasibility through to decommissioning)

Circular Economy & Systems Thinking

Why do we focus on this? Business models need to change to become truly sustainable.

• Business Circularity Models for Large Scale Industry

• Systems Thinking – understand your holistic impacts, risks and opportunities.

Climate Change Risk Assessment

Why do we focus on this? Businesses need to change their business model now to become resilient to climate change.

• Climate Change Risk Assessments

• Executive Climate Change Coaching and Advisory Service

What we don’t do is operate on a one-size-fits-all mentality. Given the rapid changes globally, we understand that companies’ levels of maturity will vary in this area, and we are here to support your business’s evolution – no matter where you are along the sustainable transition journey.

We simplify the complexity to deliver real, sustainable results, while advocating for sustainable development through the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

To find out how we can help your business thrive, contact us today.