Top Insights from Spencer Stuart’s Sustainability Leadership Report 2023

Apr 25, 2024

Sustainability Leadership

Finally, Companies See Sustainability as a value-creator

A groundbreaking new report by Spencer Stuart reveals that a massive 64% of Chief Sustainability Officers now view their sustainability strategy as a way to create value rather than just reduce risks.

This seismic shift in mindset signals that the C-suite has woken up to the reality that going green is a competitive advantage – not a burden. Sustainability strategies drive innovation, cut costs, attract top talent and future-proof organisations.

Sustainability is Now Central to Business Strategy

Even more encouragingly, 80% of CSOs state that their sustainability plans form a key part of the overall business strategy.

Gone are the days of tokenistic sustainability programs. Sustainability is being hardwired into the DNA of corporations worldwide. From product design to workforce policies, a green thread now runs through all major business decisions.

Report Overview: Yearly Pulse-Check on Sustainability Leadership

Spencer Stuart’s annual report provides an annual pulse-check on the state of sustainability leadership worldwide. Its researchers interview Chief Sustainability Officers and leaders to identify key trends, challenges, and priorities.

While concise, the report is packed with valuable insights and data-driven statistics that every leader should understand. We strongly recommend reading the full executive summary.

The Tipping Point: From Strategy to Execution

According to the report, sustainability leadership has reached an inflection point. Having spent years building consensus, setting goals and creating strategies, CSOs have now been empowered to drive real-world impact.

As the report states, “the time has come for them to push ahead with implementing the transformation they have now been given the license to deliver.”

Companies find this transition from ambition to execution notoriously difficult. That’s why we created our Impact Academy.

Upskill Your Workforce with the Impact Academy

Our Evolveable Impact Academy provides workers at all levels with the green skills and change leadership capabilities required to embed sustainability into day-to-day operations.

From emissions tracking to circularity, systems thinking to stakeholder engagement, we cover all the core sustainability competencies your organisation needs to deliver its ambitious goals.

Sign up today and future-proof your company by creating a workforce of sustainable change agents!

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