Master Sustainability Implementation with Our Unique 3-Step Accelerator

Apr 25, 2024

Our Impact Accelerator’s unique three-step approach

Shifting your company a sustainable and circular model is a huge challenge. One that requires comprehensive skills training and a structured roadmap to success.

That’s why at Evolveable Consulting, we take leaders and teams through our battle-tested Impact Accelerator – a unique three-phase program designed to rapidly upskill your workforce with the skills to develop an actionable sustainability strategy tailored to your business context.

At Evolveable Consulting we follow a unique three-step approach in our Impact Accelerator programs.

This ensures our participants receive an optimised learning experience and, in a short period of time, can move from understanding the fundamentals of sustainability and a circular economy, to practising the implementation of a sustainability strategy in a risk-free environment, to developing a bespoke plan for their own organisation.

Step 1) Lay the Foundations with Sustainability Fundamentals

The journey begins by equipping participants with a robust understanding of why sustainability is crucial, both for society and competitive advantage. Core concepts like sustainable development goals, circular economy and environmental/social impact measurement are covered.

Step 2) Pressure-Test Ideas through Simulation

With the theory under their belt, teams are immersed in real-world simulations where they can experiment with sustainability decision-making in a risk-free environment. Applying systems thinking, they rapidly prototype viable strategies that drive value creation and minimise impact.

Step 3) Co-Create a Contextualised Roadmap for Your Organisation

Finally, participants take everything they’ve learned and develop a tailored, viable roadmap to embed sustainability across their operations, products and workforce.

Our experts provide feedback and guidance at each step.

By combining mastery of fundamentals, pressure-testing, and roadmap development, the Impact Accelerator builds comprehensive sustainability capabilities at both the individual and organisational level.

Enroll your team today and gain the real-world expertise to capitalise on the sustainability opportunity while mitigating risks and stakeholder backlash.

Future-Proof Your Organisation – Join Our Accelerator Today

Are you ready to develop robust sustainability expertise throughout your workforce? Explore our Impact Accelerator courses and enroll now to get a head-start on navigating the ever-increasing sustainability imperative.

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