Circularity in Wind Design

The Circularity in Wind Design Training Course is a comprehensive training program that focuses on the principles of circular economy and their application to wind turbine developments.

This course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of how circularity can be incorporated into the design process to create more sustainable and efficient wind developments.

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Course Price: Please enquire
  • Delivery: In-Person

        Key Takeaways

        • $Introduction to Circular Economy and Wind Energy, and the principles of designing for circularity in wind turbine technology.
        • $Understanding circular design in wind turbine components.
        • $Knowledge of circular business models in wind energy.
        • $Familiarity with end-of-life options for wind farms and designing for circularity.
        • $Understanding of regulations, case studies, and best practices related to circular economy and wind energy, and how these can inform the development of circular wind energy systems.
        • $Knowledge of how to enable circular design through contracts.

        Who Is This Course For?

        This course is ideal for professionals who are interested in sustainable energy and innovative design. It is also suitable for individuals who are working in the renewable energy industry, engineering, or environmental management, and who want to expand their knowledge of circular economy and its application to wind turbine design.

        Course Duration

        Full day
        (dates coming soon)

        Course Cost

        Please enquire

        Course Delivery Methods


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is prior knowledge of circular economy and wind energy required to take the course?

        No prior knowledge is required, but a basic understanding of renewable energy and engineering concepts will be beneficial.


        Can you provide the Circularity in Wind Design Training Course as an in-house training to our company team?

        Yes, we can provide customised in-house training programs for companies and teams interested in the Circularity in Wind Design Training Course. Our expert trainers can work with you to tailor the course content and delivery format to meet your specific needs and objectives. Please contact us for more information on our in-house training programs.

        Is there a certificate provided upon completion of the course?

        Yes, a certificate of completion will be issued once you have completed the course.


        What is the format of the training?

        The training is delivered in-person through a combination of lectures, interactive learning activities, and practical exercises.


        Can I attend the training from anywhere in the world?

        As an in-person training, attendance is typically limited to a specific geographic region, we are currently working on an online version of the course.

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