Circular Business Transition Simulator –

Do you have what it takes to make a business circular?

Pilots use a flight simulator to learn fly, we use a circular simulator to train you to build a more circular business.

How do you transform your company from a linear to a circular business?

How does your company adapt to a circular economy?

If you have been asking yourself the following questions, this course is for you!

Through our circular business simulator, participants have the unique opportunity to learn by experience by immediately putting complex theories into practice.

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Course Price: $2,300 (excl GST)
  • Delivery: Online or In-Person

        Key Takeaways

        • $The opportunity of transitioning to a circular economy
        • $Breaking silos - alignment and cross functional collaboration
        • $Understand the ins and outs of shifting to a product as a service model
        • $Setting up a well-structured circular economy strategy
        • $Translating strategy into action
        • $Learning to ‘speak the same language’ with other value chain partners, internally or externally
        • $Learn about measuring circularity - Circular Transition Indicators

        Who Is This Course For?

        The Circular Business Transition simulator is designed for a wide range of businesses. We throw you in the deep-end to learn in the hotseat and apply your learnings on a virtual company.

        This course will benefit manufacturers, supply chain professionals, product retailers, entrepreneurs and business owners, who are looking to develop or adopt a more sustainable and circular business model.

        Course Duration

        Full day
        (pre-register now)

        Course Cost

        $2,300 (excl GST)

        Course Delivery Methods

        In-person and online

        More About This Course

        The Circular Business Transition platform is the perfect playground for the challenge in which the traditional linear business model can be rethought.

        The training is characterised by the use of business simulation software that reproduces the functioning of a manufacturing and retail company.

        This training helps companies and individuals understand and experience the opportunities and challenges of adopting circular strategies.

        Participants receive instant feedback on the business decisions they make and how they impact both circularity and profit.


        Participants are divided into groups of four people, each responsible for an area (Sales, Supply Chain, Design and Finance) with a single common goal: transition a company from linear to circular.

        You will need to redefine your product design, sales strategy and supplier relationship in a timely manner.

        By exploring the key principles of circular economy and their practical application, participants gain valuable insights and develop innovative solutions to transform their operations towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

        “The Blue Connection allows participants to rapidly understand how circular business models can be applied to a real case. The competition factor add also a lot of fun and facilitates the assimilation of the different strategies.”

        Jérôme Petry


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Do I need to have prior knowledge of the circular economy to attend the Circular Business Transition in-person training course?

        While prior knowledge of the circular economy is not required, it is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of circular economy principles before attending the course. To assist with this, we offer a circular economy introduction for participants prior to the training. This introduction covers the basic concepts and terminology of the circular economy, helping participants to get the most out of the in-person training.


        How do I know if The Circular Business Transition Simulator in-person training course is right for me?

        If you are interested in learning about circular economy principles and their practical application, then The Circular Business Transition in-person training course is an excellent opportunity for you.

        Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, or business owner, the course is designed to provide an immersive and hands-on experience that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of circular economy practices.

        Experiential learning, such as the kind offered in this course, has been shown to be the most effective ways of learning. Similar to a flight simulator or being thrown in the deep-end on a project, participants in the Circular Business Transition training course are given the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge in a real-world setting. This approach helps participants to develop a deep understanding of the material and build the skills necessary to create innovative solutions to apply in your business.


        Will I receive a certificate after completing the Circular Business Transition in-person training course?

        Yes, participants who successfully complete the Circular Business Transition in-person training course will receive a certificate of completion.


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