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Welcome to Evolveable Consulting, Perth’s specialist circular economy consultancy that works with businesses and regions globally to increase future resilience through accelerating sustainability and decarbonisation solutions.

We simplify the complexity to deliver real, sustainable results, while advocating for sustainable development through the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

With a focus on Circular Economy, we help influence value chains to minimise the impact on natural resources whilst creating value for clients, helping businesses evolve for a sustainable future. We help Australian businesses get ahead of the curve to increase market-share and reduce environmental impact.


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What is a Circular Economy?


Today’s society mainly operates in a linear economy, with our limited natural resources being used to manufacture products, only to be later disposed of as waste. This type of economy is not sustainable for the future of people, our planet or businesses. Natural resources are becoming more scarce, and the impacts of the manufacturing and waste processes are significant.

The only way to a sustainable future is for businesses to embrace Circularity – an economy that transforms your systems to maximise material and energy efficiency, designs out waste and regenerates natural ecosystems across your value chain. This will help tackle global issues beyond climate change, including biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.

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How can Evolveable Consulting help your business?

We provide specialised Sustainability and Circular Economy consulting and workshops designed and tailored for the individual circumstances and needs of companies, leaders and engineering designers to evolve their sustainability beyond that of just carbon emissions.

We empower businesses to develop their Sustainability and Circular Economy goals and support them on their sustainable development journey through tailored and practical strategic consultation.



Sustainability & Design


Climate Change Risk Assessments


Circular Economy & Systems Thinking


Training Courses

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In a report commissioned by the CSIRO, KPMG estimates that a circular economy could give Australia a $23 billion GDP boost by 2025.


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Benefits Circular Economy will have on your business:


Reduce costs and increase your success in the long-run through a stronger, stable and secured supply chain.

produce improved evolveable

Produce improved, competitive products that will meet customer demand for sustainability.


Build a strong business reputation and brand – be seen as innovative and industry-leading.


Build customer loyalty and win new market shares by aligning your business’ values with theirs.


Attract and retain employees who are passionate and want to be seen working with a company making a difference.


Stay ahead of present and future Government regulations and industry pressure.

Case studies


Who trusts us

“Evolveable Consulting worked closely with Sonepar UK, a major electrical distributor to perform a circular business model gap analysis, including a review of current product design for circularity.”

“Evolveable Consulting provided expert peer review services to Fortescue Metals Group for their regulatory Greenhouse Gas Management Plan for a new iron ore mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.”

“Evolveable Consulting provided strategic advice to Circulor in quantifying value chain (Scope 3) emissions and circularity to support their supply chain traceability platform, driving systemic change and transparency across global electric vehicle and construction sector supply chains.”

“Evolveable Consulting provided specialist Scope 3 greenhouse gas technical support and capability development to the team. This enabled the establishment of methodology for detailed Scope 3 quantification of both macro and micro level calculations across the energy industry.”


“Evolveable Consulting provided DSS+ with decarbonisation subject matter expertise for a strategic review and development of a credible decarbonisation pathway to 2030 for an ASX100 integrated energy company ”

“Evolveable Consulting provided technical expertise to map ESG requirements to support the development of an Artifical Intelligence software that supports financial institution’s in-house, proprietary ESG assessments using (ExpertAI ESG). This enable financial institutions to make decisions faster, more accurately and with less bias.”

“Evolveable consulting have been providing Carbon analytics with technical Carbon and Sustainability services for the development of a Climatetech Software as a Service solution. This SaaS can assist not only asset owners, but can be integrated across the value chain to increase transparency and consistency in reporting of key stakeholders upstream and downstream of operations.” – Carbon Analytics


“Evolveable Consulting has been providing specialist carbon consulting services to Climatetech and ESG company Infrablock technologies to support the development of purpose-driven digital solutions that will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.” – Infrablocks Technologies

“Evolveable Consulting provided specialist advisory services regarding challenges of quantifying greenhouse gas emissions across large scale industrial assets to assist GEdigital in forming potential digital analytic solutions for their global industrial clients.” – GEdigital

Evolveable Consulting has built HBF’s internal capacity on climate change by facilitating an alignment workshop with senior stakeholders. The workshop provides an essential grounding on what is climate change and explores the key frameworks and responsibilities the organisation needs to address.

Evolveable Consulting has provided strategic Circular Economy support to The Surpluss Circular Exchange Platform. Accelerating the decarbonisation and resilience of industrial precincts through synergies between businesses across the UAE and EU.

Evolveable Consulting has developed global Scope 3 emission accounting procedures and decarbonisation plans to support Woodside in the decarbonisation of its hard-to-abate industrial value chains.


Evolveable Consulting provided strategic advice and technical Subject Matter Expertise to Supersmart Energy team for developing Decarbonisation and Sustainability Strategies across the Mining and Transport sectors in Western Australia.

Evolveable Consulting provided strategic advice relating to the development of Climate Technology to the Vista Energy team.



Evolveable Consulting has provided Subject Matter Expertise relating to Technical reviews and the development of Greenhouse Gas Assessments and Environmental Approvals to the Advisian team for Energy and Resource projects across Australia.



Evolveable Consulting has supported Carbon Managers with the development of Decarbonisation Strategies for companies across the United Kingdom. This includes Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG assessments and decarbonisation pathways to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.



Our Thinking

We know we can help your business create a sustainable future.