Helped a Global Energy Leader Set New Environmental Standards

Our client is a global energy company, operating across multiple countries around the world. As stakeholders continue to scrutinise the environmental impacts of energy companies, our client recognized the need to enhance their sustainability strategy and performance.

However, with decentralised operations spanning multiple regulatory regimes and asset types, they struggled to benchmark performance and set a high standard across their global portfolio. Hence, they engaged Evolveable Consulting to support the development of a new set of Environmental Standards for emissions, water, land use, and waste.

Project Overview

Our team was brought in to lead the 3-month engagement to develop the client’s Environmental Standards, which aimed to:

  • Establish emission reduction, water usage, and land impacts as core priorities
  • Outline minimum requirements for all operations, going beyond regulatory compliance
  • Introduce new standards for operations in sensitive areas
  • Link standards to other internal standards (climate) and mitigation hierarchies
  • Develop consistent monitoring, reporting, and performance frameworks

Our work involved setting the vision and guardrails for their environmental programs worldwide over the coming decades.

Approach and Methodology

We utilised a five-phase approach to develop the new Environmental Standards:

  1. Landscape Analysis: Benchmarking of peer standards, review of emerging regulations and voluntary principles, and interviews with internal business experts.
  2. Current State Assessment: Review current performance across emissions, water, land use, and waste by business unit and asset type. This included data normalisation and identification of outliers.
  3. Stakeholder Alignment: Workshops and working sessions with business unit heads, sustainability leads, operations managers, and executive leadership to align priorities and approaches.
  4. Standards Development: Authoring new Environmental Standards documents addressing priorities, minimum requirements, sensitive area protocols, reporting procedures, and governance frameworks for continuous improvement.
  5. Implementation Planning: Working with the centralised environmental team and business unit leads to outline localised adoption plans, communication rollout, and change management requirements.

Results and Outcomes

Through close collaboration with the client’s executive team, business unit leaders, sustainability managers, and operations teams, Evolveable Consulting developed a new set of Environmental Standards that outlined commitments and requirements related to:

  • Air pollutants
  • Energy management
  • Water use and discharge quality
  • Hazardous materials and waste
  • Biodiversity and land impacts

The new Standards aim to reduce the company’s environmental footprint, while driving operational efficiencies and cost savings.

The Standards enable performance management through consistent tracking and reporting procedures. Over time, this will incentivize knowledge sharing on innovative technologies and nature-based solutions to environmental challenges across operating units.

By taking a systematic approach, Evolveable helped position our client as an environmental leader within the global energy industry.

How Evolveable Consulting Can Help You

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