Circular Sprint:

Unleashing Business Potential

The Circular Sprint course is an interactive and engaging workshop that provides participants with an in-depth understanding of circular economy principles and practices.

During the workshop, participants will learn how to rethink and redesign products, services, and systems to reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote social and environmental benefits.

The workshop also includes an assessment of your company’s current sustainability initiatives, creating a customised action plan towards circularity.

  • Duration: 1 Day 
  • Course Price: Please enquire
  • Delivery: In-Person

        Key Takeaways

        • $Understand the principles and practices of circular economy and their relevance to your organisation
        • $Identify and evaluate opportunities for circularity in your business model and value chain
        • $Implement circular economy principles within your organisation and measure their impact

        Who Is This Course For?

        The Circular Sprint course is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are interested in driving sustainable change within their organisation. Whether you’re just starting out on your sustainability journey or looking to take your circular initiatives to the next level, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge.

        Course Duration

        Full day 
        (dates coming soon)

        Course Cost

        Please enquire

        Course Delivery Methods


        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is circular economy, and why is it important for my business?

        Circular economy is an economic system that aims to minimise waste and make the most of resources. It’s essential for businesses to adopt circular practices as a means of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and reducing environmental impact. The Circular Sprint course is an excellent opportunity to learn how circular economy principles can benefit your organisation.


        What will I take away from the Circular Sprint course?

        Participants in the Circular Sprint course will leave with a customised roadmap towards circularity, including key actions and metrics for success. They’ll also be equipped with practical tools and techniques to measure and communicate the impact of their circular initiatives.


        What is the format of the Circular Sprint course?

        The Circular Sprint course is an interactive and engaging workshop that includes hands-on exercises.


        Can you provide the Circular Sprint Training Course as an in-house training to our company team?

        Yes, we can provide customised in-house training programs for companies and teams. Our expert trainers can work with you to tailor the course content and delivery format to meet your specific needs and objectives. Please contact us for more information on our in-house training programs.


        Is there a certificate provided upon completion of the course?

        Yes, a certificate of completion will be issued once you have completed the course.


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